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What a teaser! Double Chocolate Malteser Cupcakes

Daisy's Desserts

DD's Maltesser Cupcakes#1

I can almost hear the crunchy sound of biting into one of these maltesers just by looking at them. At my work we have a cake giving occasion anytime someone experiences something new or big in their private lives. So a colleague of mine had promised to give the others cake because it was his birthday. But he was like we always have the same type of cake so I asked if I should make some cupcakes in his name? Well he was thrilled and I made these also Double Chocolate with maltesers which received a lot of praise :-).

DD's Maltesser #2

I used my favourite double chocolate decadence recipe and topped it off with nougat-buttercream frosting and a piece of malteser on top of each.

For the frosting:

*150g soft nougat

*250g unsalted butter

*350g icing sugar

*2 tbs bitter sweet cocoa powder

*1 tbs milk or heavy cream

*maltesers for…

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Sweet Tooth Satisfaction | Nutmeg Treats

Have you heard of Nutmeg Treats? If the answer is no, you must head over to their website to check out the amazing talent that is Nutmeg Treats. I was enamored when I first saw the amazing artistry and eye for aesthetics in the design of some cupcakes and a birthday cake for a party. I was eager to get my hands on a cupcake, so I made up an excuse (as if I needed an excuse…) to order some cupcakes. My sister was coming into town from California and we usually throw a tea party every year, so it was the perfect occasion to get something fancy!

Meg Skill, owner & designer of Nutmeg treats, asked me what type of party I was having and what my color palette was for the order. I chose mint green, peach, magenta, lavender & gold. I selected the champagne with raspberry…

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