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What a teaser! Double Chocolate Malteser Cupcakes

Daisy's Desserts

DD's Maltesser Cupcakes#1

I can almost hear the crunchy sound of biting into one of these maltesers just by looking at them. At my work we have a cake giving occasion anytime someone experiences something new or big in their private lives. So a colleague of mine had promised to give the others cake because it was his birthday. But he was like we always have the same type of cake so I asked if I should make some cupcakes in his name? Well he was thrilled and I made these also Double Chocolate with maltesers which received a lot of praise :-).

DD's Maltesser #2

I used my favourite double chocolate decadence recipe and topped it off with nougat-buttercream frosting and a piece of malteser on top of each.

For the frosting:

*150g soft nougat

*250g unsalted butter

*350g icing sugar

*2 tbs bitter sweet cocoa powder

*1 tbs milk or heavy cream

*maltesers for…

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Yalines Offers Catering for Your Events

If you want to try something tastefully different at your events, you will definitely want to try the Pecan Praline Truffles from YALINES. They’re made made using the same recipe we use to make our Creamy Pecan Pralines and Traditional Pecan Pralines.

The truffles are covered with a variety of toppings and the bottom of each can be covered in Ghirardelli Chocolate or served plain. Choices, choices.

Visit www.YalinesPralines.com today to place an order or contact us at info@yalinespralines.com for discounts on catering orders.

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